cooked clue crab

Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs – The local favorite

    • Extra Large Males 7” and up
    • Large Males 6.5”-7”
    • #1 Males 5.5”-6.5” Heavier weight
    • #2 Males Any shell size and a lighter weight
    • Females are mixed shell sizes and weights, no grading is done
    • All crab shell sizes are measured from tip to tip across the back of the crabs shell


Soft-shells are blue crabs that have shed their shell. Since they are soft, you eat the whole crab, shell and all. Live ones are available in season May through September. We also carry them frozen year round.

Wild Snow Crab

Delicate sweet flavor, delicious on it’s own or dipped in melted butter. Sold frozen or hot and ready to eat.

Wild King Crab

Richer, more buttery flavor. Also sold frozen or hot and ready to eat.

Wild Dungeness Crab

A west coast crab sold in clusters or as a whole crab. It has a meatier, less sweet taste. Can be purchased frozen or hot and ready to eat.
snow crab legs
king crab

Crab Meat

If picking crabs isn’t your thing or you need crabmeat for a recipe, crabmeat is also available already picked by the pound. We have two different grades- Jumbo Lump which is large pieces of meat and a minimal amount of shell or Backfin which is smaller pieces of meat with a little more shell through out.